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In order to work with enforePOS, you first need a business account. You can only do the setup on an enfore device. The business account contains general information about the company as well as your personal login data. 

Be sure to use an email address that you can access at any time to ensure access to enforePOS.

  1. Turn on your enfore device. 
  2. In the Login window, select Register enfore Business Account. Screenshot_2022-08-02_at_13.51.52.png
  3. In the Country step, select the country where your company is located. Screenshot_2022-08-02_at_13.52.50.png
  4. In the Headquarters step, add the company headquarters data:
    • Name: Company name
    • Legal Type: GmbH, Freelancer, GbR, sole proprietor, etc.
    • Business Vertical: Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Hairdresser etc.
    • Business Address: Address of the registered office
    • Primary language: Set the default language for your business documents here.

      Once set, the primary language cannot be changed.

  5. Tap on [Next].Screen_Shot_2022-09-27_at_12.12.08_PM.png
  6. Enter the following data in the next step:
    • Name: your name
    • Gender: your gender
    • Job Title: your job title (optional) 
    • Department: Department in which you work (optional)
    • Login Email: your login email for future logins 

      The email address cannot be changed later on. Make sure that you have access to the email account at all times.

    • Password: your password for future logins 

      Your password must consist of at least 8 characters. In addition, known weak passwords such as "1234" or "password" cannot be used. We recommend using a strong password in order to protect your data from access by third parties.

    • Retype Password: Enter password again
  7. Tap on [Next].Screenshot_2022-08-02_at_14.03.07.png
  8. In the next step, you can invite your staff members as users. This is optional here.
  9. Tap on [Next] to invite staff members at a later time.
  10. Tap Invite Staff Members as Users to invite a staff member right now. Screenshot_2022-08-02_at_14.16.53.png
  11. Add the following data of your staff member:
    • Name: Name of the staff member
    • Gender: Gender of the staff member (optional)
    • Job Title: Job title of the staff member (optional)
    • Department: Department in which the staff member works (optional)
    • Login Email: Login email for future logins to the enfore devices
  12. Tap on SingleSelectionCheck.svg. Screenshot_2022-08-02_at_14.19.18.png ⮕ After you have confirmed your business account, all staff members invited by you will receive an email in which they have to click on [here]. Once they have followed this instruction, they can log in to enforePOS. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-15_um_09.58.50.png
  13. When you have invited all staff members, tap on [Next].
  14. Read the Privacy Policy in the Data Processing step.
  15. Tap on [Complete]. Screenshot_2022-08-02_at_14.22.51.png

    If the password you assigned in step 5 does not meet the minimum requirements (at least 8 characters and no easy to guess passwords like "1234" or "Password") the following error message appears:

    Screenshot_2022-09-27_at_08.55.04.png Tap on [Abort] and go back to the step User Account to give another password.
    ⮕ A window opens.
  16. To confirm the Auftragsdatenverarbeitung, tap on [Agree]. Screenshot_2022-08-02_at_14.27.10.png ⮕ The Congratulations window opens. 
  17. Open the mailbox of the email address you specified in the Headquarters step for your business account.
  18. Tap on [here] in your email to complete the registration.Screenshot_2022-08-15_at_10.38.11.png ⮕ You have successfully created your business account. Now you can log in to enforePOS with your access data.

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