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When creating sales items, it is important that you distinguish between sales items that are sold without or with variants and options. This distinction is important for the following reasons :

  1. You can respond to individual customer requests.
  2. You can react faster to trends and adapt your assortment accordingly.
  3. You can optimally manage your stock taking and make purchases directly.
  4. This gives you more flexibility in pricing.

Sales Item without variants

Sales Items without variants are prefabricated sales items that exist in only one version and that the customer cannot buy modified.

  • Gastro

    • Cookies
    • Ready to eat yogurt with fruit in a jar
    • A 500 g package of coffee beans
    • Lemonade
    • Ginger Lemonade
    • Chocolate muffin
  • Retail

    • Bananas
    • Apples
    • Cucumbers
    • Avocado
    • Espresso machine XY
    • Necklace XY
    • Face mask XY

You will learn in the How-To Create a Sales Item without Variants and Options how to create sales items without variants in enforePOS.

Sales Items with Variants

A sales item that is available in different colors, sizes or designs, for example, must be created in enforePOS as a "sales item with variants".

  • Gastro

    • Espresso (variants: single, double)
    • Americano (variants: small, medium, large)
    • Water (variants: Carbonated, still)
  • Retail

    • Dress XY (variants: size XS, size S, size M, size L, size XL)
    • Shoe XY (variants: size size 36 size 37 38)
    • Socks XY (variants: red, blue, green, yellow, size S, size M, size L)
    • Trousers XY (variants: normal, extra long, extra short)
    • Shirt XY (variants: slim fit, normal)
    • Sandal XY (variants: narrow fit, normal fit, wide fit)
    • Monitor XY (variants: 14 inch, 16 inch, 21 inch)
  • Services Provided

    • Washing, cutting, blow-drying (variants: different hair lengths)

You will learn in the How-To Create a Sales Item with Variants how to create sales items with variants in enforePOS

Build to Order Sales Items with Options

When a sales item is custom made or prepared to order, you create the sales item in enforePOS as a Build to Order sales item. You can create Build to Order sales items with variants or without variants. If you want to implement individual customer requests or allow your customers to choose between different side dishes, you must create options. This case occurs mainly in the gastronomy. But you can also create a custom suit or a custom-built computer as a Build to Order sales item. You can subsequently link the respective options to the Build to Order sales item. 

  • Gastro

    • Latte macchiato (options: low-fat milk, lactose-free milk, soy milk, oat milk)
    • A piece of strawberry cake (options: with cream)
    • A cup of cocoa (options: with cream, with cinnamon)
    • A sandwich (options: with cheese, with ham, with tomato)
    • A hamburger (options: with fried potatoes, with cucumber salad, with French fries) 
  • Retail

    • Suit made to measure (options: standard, shorten sleeves, shorten pants).
  • Services Provided

    • Haircut (options: additional scalp massage, conditioner).

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