Create a Build to Order Sales Item with Options

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If your customers can choose a side dish with a main course in your restaurant, it's best to create a Build to Order sales item with options.
In enforePOS you can create individual options and option groups. There are several ways to create sales items with options:

In this How-To you will learn how to create a steak menu.

The different cooking levels of the steak are the variants in enforePOS.

The side dishes that your customer can choose are the options.  

Create Sales Item

First, you create the sales item to which you will later add options. 

In general, you have the choice between:

In our example, we will create the sales item Steak as a sales item with variants, and then create the cooking levels as variants. 

Follow the steps in the respective How-To and create your desired sales item as a Build to Order sales item. 

Set Variants

You have successfully created your sales item. If you have chosen a sales item with variants, e.g. a steak in different cooking stages, you now create the individual cooking stages (well done, medium, rare, etc.) as variants of the sales item. 

We explain you how to do this in the How-To Create Features for the Variant Definition.

Create Options

Afterwards you create your desired options. You have the choice between: 

In our example, we will create the side dishes for our steak as options. 

Link Options and Sales Items

If the options have already been created, they can be linked to the actual sales item. We explain you how to do this in the How-To Associate a Sales Item and Sales Item Variants with Options or Option Groups.

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