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In enforePOS you can make all basic cash register settings under Sales > Settings. Here you can, for example, specify the cash register type, add sales channels, and enter invoicing information. You can also activate settings to optimize the payment process and customize it to your needs.


If you meet these requirements, you can use the following setting options to optimally adjust your cash register to your needs.

  1. Tap Sales > Settings in the POS menu.
    ⮕ The Cash register overview opens.

The Cash register overview is structured as follows: 


  • The cash register is displayed in the header (1). Here you can change the name of your cash register and define both cash register type and POS location. 
  • In the main area (2) you can select the topics and edit standard functions.
  • In the overview bar (3) you can switch between the overviews This Device, Assembly Locations and General.

The cash register settings are made individually for each cash register. The setting options vary depending on the cash register type (Sales cash register or Gastro cash register).

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