How can I configure my HDMI display on the enforeComet?

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Once you have connected your HDMI display to your enforeComet, you can configure it. To do this, first select the HMDI display in the POS menu under Sales > Sales settings (or Business Account > Devices) > Connected. Now you can specify under Customer display which information your customer should see on the customer display during the payment process. You can display the individual items of an order, the total amount or a marketing campaign. You can also select all options and thus display all information combined.

You can configure the standby screen under Display. If you do not carry out any action on your customer display, this standby screen will be displayed if you have deactivated the Marketing campaign option under Customer display. Otherwise, your active marketing campaign will be displayed.

The configuration options on the HDMI display are similar to those of the enforePayPad. You will find more information concerning the configuration in the How-To Connect the enforePayPad.


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