Why has a tamper event been detected on my enfore device with card payment function?

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If you receive a message on your enfore device with payment function that a "tamper event has been detected" (e.g. after restarting the device, during operation or during the card payment process), this means that the card payment function on your device is no longer working. The reason for this is that the security circuit in your payment module has been activated. This can be caused by the following:

  • Liquid has entered the card payment slot
  • Items such as receipts, coins, or dirt have entered the card payment slot
  • The device has fallen down
  • The device experienced exceptionally vigorous shaking

The notification looks like this:401_eng.png

Please follow the steps below so that we can help you as quickly as possible:

  1. Contact our enforeCare team at care@enfore.com.
  2. Tell us what status message you got on your enfore device and describe in detail what happened to the device with reference to the questions above.
  3. Our enforeCare team will contact you immediately and work with you to get your hardware replaced. You will get a replacement device as soon as possible. While the device is on its way to you, we will prepare everything so that you can immediately use the device including the card payment function upon arrival.
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