Why do I get a message on my enfore device with card payment function saying that my display ID is incorrect?

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If your enfore device with card payment function displays a message saying that your display ID is incorrect, this means that the card payment function is no longer working on your device.

You can continue to use your enfore device as usual, except for the card payment function.

The notification with the status code 0x00004000 looks like this:4000_eng.png

Please follow the steps below so that we can help you as quickly as possible:

  1. Use this calendar link to schedule a convenient appointment with our enforeCare team to have your enfore device updated.
  2. At the time of the appointment, the enforeCare staff member will ask you to provide remote service access. You can initiate remote service access from different locations on your enfore device:

    - In the login screen at the bottom left on the gear icon
    - On the lock screen at the bottom right on the gear icon
    - In the POS menu under Business Account > Devices.

    Tap on [Start Remote Service Access].

    For more information on how to start remote service access, see the FAQ How do I start remote service access?
  3. While the enforeCare staff member is updating your device (the entire update process takes no more than 5 minutes), please DO NOT use your device and please DO NOT turn off your device!
  4. Wait until the enforeCare staff member contacts you to let you know that the update process is complete.
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