Attaching the enforePayPad to the enforeMount

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Would you like to attach your enforePayPad to your enforeMount? We explain how to do this in this How-To.uPCD_Mounted_Side_Parallel_Front.png

First check if all components are included in the delivery:

enforePayPad enforeMount
IMG_0112 (1).jpeg IMG_0115.jpg
5" (diagonal) customer display  
1x USB-C cable  
2x silver screws  
2x black grub screws  
1x hexagonal key 4 mm  

Tools Needed

You will need the following tools for assembly:

  • 1x cross-head screwdriver
  • 1x Allen key (supplied)


  1. Set up the enforePayPad with the back facing upwards so that the threads are visible.
  2. Connect the USB cable to the USB-C port of the enforePayPad. IMG_0117.jpg
  3. Align the enforeMount as desired.
  4. Place your enforePayPad as close as possible to the enforeMount. Make sure that the card slot is on the right-hand side.IMG_0118.jpg

    Do not yet position the enforePayPad on the enforeMount.

  5. Guide the USB cable through the opening of the enforeMount as far as possible.IMG_0120 Kopie.jpg
  6. Screw the enforeMount to the surface using the two silver screws.IMG_0120.jpg
  7. Position the enforePayPad on the enforeMount.IMG_0118.jpeg
  8. Secure the enforePayPad using the two black grub screws.IMG_0121.jpg⮕ You have successfully attached your enforePayPad to the enforeMount.

To use your enforePayPad, connect it to your enforeComet or enforeDasher via USB.

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