Why is my voucher not being delivered digitally?

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If your voucher is not transmitted digitally to your customer, this could be because you have not yet confirmed the voucher in order management (in the POS menu under Order management > Active orders > (Select online sales channel)) or marked it as paid. 

  • If the customer has ordered from you for the first time, or if you have set that a confirmation is required in the  In Delivery tab in the Order Tracking section of the online sales channel, the order will initially end up in the Unconfirmed column in Order Management. In this case, set the order to Confirmed.
  • If the customer has paid in advance, you must also mark the voucher as paid. The customer then receives their voucher.

In order for the voucher to be displayed online, the following settings must be made on the voucher (in the POS menu under Sales > Sales Items > (Select voucher) > Sales tab):

  • A price must be set in the Price field
  • The sales forms collection and delivery must be activated in the Sales forms field
  • The online sales channel must be activated in the Sales channels fieldCapture d’écran 2024-02-29 à 08.32.42.png

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