How do I pay out the tips collected via card payments to my staff members?

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The tip that you have collected at your cash register via card payments is not in your cash register as cash. To pay the tip to your staff members, we recommend that you still take the tip as cash from your cash register and post a separate cash withdrawal for it in enforePOS.

To do this, tap on Cash transaction > Cash withdrawal in the POS menu under Sales > Accounting > Current Business Day. Enter the tip amount you have collected via card payments and add as a description e.g. “Tip”

You can find the tip amount in the Z-report in the Payment methods tab in the Card payments receipts area.

Make sure that the expected cash balance in enforePOS corresponds to the amount of cash that is actually in your cash drawer so that no negative amounts arise when the tips are booked out.

We recommend that you deduct the tip separately from the cash you take from your cash register at Daily Closing. This means that the reason for the respective cash withdrawal can also be traced retrospectively. 

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