How can I optimize the payment process?

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Would you like to optimize the payment process in order to process checkout transactions faster? You can customize your settings in enforePOS to save unnecessary steps during checkout. You can find out which settings these are below.

  • Deactivate receipt printout: You don't want to print out receipts? Then you can deactivate the options A receipt must be issued and Print Option is preselected under Sales > Sales settings. You can find out more here.
  • Select the "Sales" checkout type: If your cash register is set up as a Gastro cash register, although you do not use Gastro processes (e.g. order tracking or aisle control), we recommend that you select the Sales cash register type instead. This simplifies the payment process. You can subsequently change the checkout type under Sales > Sales settings using the pencil icon. You can find out more under Edit cash register.
  • Deactivate tip request: You can deactivate the tip query for the individual Payment Methods under Sales > Sales settings > Payment. You can find out how to deactivate the tip request on your payment terminal here.

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