Ordering Process from a Table with a QR Code

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In the following, we describe the ordering process from a table in the restaurant. 

If you are interested in using the QR code self-ordering service for a fee, please contact our enforeCare team at enforeCare-Team unter care@enfore.com.

  1. Scan the QR code.
    ⮕ You will be taken to the restaurant's shop page.

    In the upper left corner, the table on which the order has been placed is displayed. In our example, this is table 1 (T1).

  2. Select a sales category.IMG_0028.jpg
  3. Select a sales item.2.png
  4. Specify a special request if necessary.
  5. Tap on IdentitySectionToggleIdentity.svg to change the quantity.
  6. Tap on [Add to Basket] to add the order to the basket.
  7. Tap on [Basket] to go to the shopping basket.IMG_0031.jpg
  8. Tap on IdentitySectionToggleIdentity.svg to change the quantity.
  9. Tap on [Add Special Request / Note] if you want to add a special request or note to the order.
  10. Tap on [Remove] to remove the order from your basket.
  11. Tap on [Continue Shopping] to add more sales items to your order.
  12. Tap on [Proceed to Checkout] to complete the order. IMG_0032.jpg
  13. Enter your name.
  14. Enter your email address.
  15. Tap on [Proceed to Payment]. IMG_0033.jpg
  16. Choose a payment method. In our example we choose the payment method At Pickup.
  17. Tap on [Use this payment method].
  18. Agree to the terms of service.
  19. Tap on [Change Payment Method] if you want to change the selected payment method afterwards.
  20. Tap on [Buy Now] to complete the order. IMG_0035.jpg⮕ The order confirmation looks like this:IMG_0037.jpg

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