Overview: Reservable Services and Calendar

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If you want to allow your customers to reserve services such as hairdressing appointments in advance, you can do this in the Reservations module in enforePOS. In this How-To, we will show you how to do it.  

  1. Create your reservable service with or without variants. Specify in the settings that the service is available for sale. At the same time you can specify the duration of the service.
  2. Create the reservable staff member. Specify the services for which the staff member is available.

After you have done this preliminary work, you can enter reservations of your customers in enforePOS. You can view the reservations as a list or in the calendar view in the active reservations. When customers arrive at the reserved time, they must be checked in. At payment, the reservation can be checked out at the same time, if you have defined this in the reservation settings

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