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In the Layouts part, you can create your own cash register layouts and customize how your sales items are displayed in the cash register. For example, you can display different sales items offers on the lunch and dinner menu or food and drinks on separate pages. Here you also specify whether you want to work with the category browser and make the settings for it. You can create as many layouts as you like and switch between them quickly and easily. You also have the option to import a cash register layout from another device (within your business account).

Only one layout at a time can be active.

Active Layout

  1. In the POS menu, open Sales > Sales Settings > Layouts.
  2. Select here whether you want to work with a cash register layout or use the category browser.
    More information about the category browser can be found at the end of this How-To.


Add New Cash Register Layout

  1. Tap on [+ Add Cash Register Layout].


  2. Name the new cash register layout.
  3. Tap on NumpadReturn.svg to confirm your input.3_EN_NEW.png ⮕ The window in which you set the cash register layout opens.
  4. Tap on [+ Add Tab...].


    ⮕ The Create new Tab window opens.


  5. Select here how you want your cash register layout to be structured. The following options are available: 
  • Manual Grid : select this option if you want the individual items to be placed on a fixed grid.
  • Dynamic Content: selecting this option allows you to specify the respective contents by filtering the attributes.
  • Manual Content: choose this option if you want to specify both the products and their order manually. 
  • Import Tabs: if you want to import an already existing tab, select this option.

In the How-To Cash Register Layouts, the individual cash register layouts are presented in more detail.

Depending on the selected option, the layout page is displayed differently.

Newly Created Cash Register Layout

After you have created a new layout, it will be available in the selection of available cash register layouts.


You can also select the newly created cash register layout as the active layout.


Edit or Delete Cash Register Layout

  1. Swipe from right to left over the cash register layout.
    ⮕ The editing menu opens.
  2. Tap on Settings.svg to edit the cash register layout or tap on Delete.svg to delete the cash register layout.6_EN_NEW.png

Category Browser


Select here the number of levels that will be displayed in the category browser in the cash register. 

  1. Tap on Levels.
    ⮕ The Items selection menu opens.


  2. Select how many levels should be displayed in the category browser.


  1. Tap on Type.
    ⮕ The Items selection menu opens.


  2. Choose here between the types Cards, List, Tiles, Preview and Button.


  1. Tap on Size.
    ⮕ The Items selection menu opens.


  2. Choose here between the sizes XS, S, M, L or XL.

For the type Cards, only the sizes M, L and XL are available for selection.

Filters in Main Categories

  1. Tap in the Filters in Main Categories field.
    ⮕ The Items selection menu opens.


  2. Select here if you want to display the filter bar in the previously defined main categories. In the cash register view, the filter bar is displayed as follows:


Show Filter Bar when no category is selected 

Enable the Show Filter Bar when no category is selected option to display the filter bar even if no category has been selected.

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