Deactivate Cash Management at the Cash Register

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It is possible to deactivate Cash Management in enforePOS. If you have previously worked with Cash Management and booked transactions, you must book a full Cash withdrawal before you can deactivate Cash Management. 

There are different ways to manage cash in enforePOS. If you do not manage your cash at the Cash Register, but your Staff members manage cash in their own Cash Containers, you deactivate this function in the profile of the respective Staff member. We explain how it works here. 

You change this setting only for this device. This does not affect the Cash Management settings on other devices. You change the setting for each Cash Register individually. 


  1. In the POS menu open Sales > Sales Settings.
    ⮕ The Cash Register overview opens.
  2. Switch to the Cash Container tab.
  3. Click on No Cash Management.

    If you still have cash in your Cash Register, you will receive a message that you have to book a Cash withdrawal before you can deactivate the Cash Register. 

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