Create Coupon - Percentage Discount on Sales Items in a Sales Category

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Coupons are popular marketing tools used to win new customers or to bring customers back into the shop who haven't made a purchase for a while. With such a voucher, customers receive a one-time discount on a sales item or purchase, for example. The requirement for a customer to be able to redeem a coupon is that their data is recorded during the payment process or selected from the existing customers.

The following steps will show you how to create a coupon that will give new customers a 10% discount on sales items in the “Cakes” sales category at the cash register.


Another example of how to create a coupon can be found in the How-To: Create coupon: % discount on basket.

To create a percentage discount on sales items in a sales category, follow these steps:

  1. From the POS menu, select Sales > Promotions.
  2. Open the Coupons overview.
  3. To create a new coupon, tap on [+].
    Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-26_um_09.05.21.png ⮕ In the following window, select what the coupon should be valid for:

    Sales Item: Coupon valid only for a specific sales item
    Sales Category: Coupon valid for all sales items in one sales category
    Sales Item with tag: Coupon valid for all sales items with respective tag
    Basket: Coupon valid on the amount in the basket

  4. Since in this How-To we want to create a discount on sales items in a sales category, tap Sales Category
    ⮕ In the next window, you choose what kind of coupon you want to issue. The window provides various coupon types to choose from, such as Bundle Price, Buy Any X, Pay Y or Get Y Free, as well as fixed, number or amount-based discounts.
  5. Choose here what kind of coupon you want to issue. 
    Since we want to create a ten percent discount on sales items in a sales category in this How-To, tap Defined % discount on Price.
  6. In the next window, perform the following steps:
    • Enter a name for the coupon in the Add name field.
    • In the Sales category field, select the sales category of the sales items whose price you want to reduce by 10%.
    • In the Discount field, enter the desired discount in percent. 
      In this example, it is 10%.
    • In the Expires field, specify how long the coupon should be valid or in the Availability section, specify the start and expiration dates.

      If you do not enter an expiration date, the coupon will remain valid permanently.

    • If no customer needs to be selected for issuance and redemption, enable No customer needed for issuance and redemption.
    • If the coupon can be issued multiple times per customer, activate Can be issued multiple times per customer.
  7. Tap on [Next] to save your input.

    In the example, the information looks as follows:
    Optionally, in the next window you can add images as well as a detailed description and a short one.
  8. Tap on [Complete]. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-26_um_09.11.31.png⮕ The Edit Coupon window opens. In this window you can make final changes, save this coupon as a draft, activate and delete it.
  9. To save your coupon and activate it directly, tap on [Activate].Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-26_um_09.14.11.png ⮕The coupon with percentage discount on sales items of the sale category has been successfully created.

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