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All external Honeywell Barcode Scanners from the enfore shop are compatible with the enfore devices. You can install them quickly and without difficulty.

Once you have connected the Barcode Scanner to your enforeComet or enforeDasher via USB cable, you add it to your Business Account as a device. The scanner will then automatically assign itself to your Cash Register. You set up the Barcode Scanner by scanning a few barcodes once.

You can find the configuration barcodes in the attached PDF file. There are also barcodes for three other frequently used settings, which we present to you at the end of this How-To.

Note that you will need to print out the PDF file with the barcodes attached at the end of this How-To, or this How-To. It is not possible to scan the barcodes using the smartphone or the screen.

Set up and connect Honeywell Barcode Scanner and enforeComet or enforeDasher

  1. Sign in to enforeComet or enforeDasher with your login details.
  2. Connect the barcode scanner to your enforeComet or enforeDasher using a USB cable. The USB sockets are on both the left and right under the display.
    The barcode scanner is powered via the USB connection. The scanner confirms the power supply with a signal tone.
  3. Print out the PDF file with the barcodes, which you will find at the end of this How-To.
  4. Scan the barcode DEFALT to ensure that your scanner correctly adopts the following settings.1_DEFALT.png
  5. Scan the barcode PAP131., so that the scanner is recognized by the enforeComet or enforeDasher.
  6. In the POS menu, open Business Account > Devices.
    ⮕ The Cash Register overview with the display of the registered device (This Device) opens. 
  7. Switch to Device Usage. 
  8. In the Other section, tap Product Barcode Scanners. 1_NEW_EN.png⮕ The Select Product Barcode Scanner window opens. 
  9. To add the Honeywell Barcode Scanner in enforePOS, tap on [+ Barcode Reader].2_NEW_EN.png⮕ The Connect Device window opens. All devices connected to the device (in our example enforeComet) are displayed.
  10. Tap on the Barcode Reader you want to add in enforePOS. 3_NEW_EN.png
  11. To confirm your selection, tap on [Complete].
    4_NEW_EN.png⮕ The Honeywell Barcode Scanner was successfully assigned to the Cash Register and added to the set POS Location. 
    The Honeywell Barcode Scanner can now be seen in the Device Usage tab in the Product Barcode Scanner field. 
    5_NEW_EN.png In addition, the Honeywell Barcode Scanner is displayed in Connected. 6_NEW_EN.png⮕ You can now add new products to the Cash Register with the Barcode Scanner by scanning the barcode on the product. You can also scan the product barcode at checkout.

Additional Settings

In the attached PDF file you will find more barcodes for frequently used applications.

Remove suffixes from scanned barcodes

To prevent any barcode suffixes from being read, scan the barcode SUFBK2.

Converting UPC-A barcode to EAN-13

If you have goods with UPC-A, you can scan the barcode UPAENA0. to convert UPC-A barcodes to 13-digit EAN-13 codes by adding a zero at the beginning. 

Change the volume of the signal tone

To set the signal tone volume to the lowest level, scan the barcode BEPLVL1.

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