Linking the Assembly Location to the Receipt Printer

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You want your restaurant to, for example, print out the recorded order at the Assembly Location? In enforePOS, you can link the Receipt Printer you have already set up to any Assembly Location, like your kitchen or counter, in just a few steps. 


  • You have set up your Assembly Locations
  • You have set up your external Receipt Printer

When you have set up your Assembly Location and your external Receipt Printer, you can assign the Receipt Printer to the desired Assembly Location:

  1. Open Order Management > Order Settings in the POS menu.
  2. Tap on the overview of Assembly Locations below.
    ⮕ Every Assembly Location for each POS Location is displayed.

  3. Select the desired Assembly Location that you want to link to the Receipt Printer.

  4. Under the Business Documents heading, tap Print Assembly Slip.

  5. In the Devices section, tap Assembly Slip Printer.
    ⮕ The Select Assembly Slip Printer window opens.
  6. Tap the Printer that you want to link to the Assembly Location.
  7. Tap on [Complete].
    ⮕ The selected Printer is displayed as the Printer for the Assembly List.

    If you want to select a Printer for a Take Away Assembly Slip, repeat the same steps for Printer for Take Away Assembly Slip in the field below.


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