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During the initial setup of your business account, you already provided information about your company. For more information about this, see the How-To Create a new Business Account. If you want to create invoices and display your company logo professionally, you can enter more information about your company in enforePOS. Here you will learn how to add or edit contact details, bank details, tax numbers and a company logo. 

  1. Open Business Account Business Info in the POS menu to access the business information.
    ⮕ The Business Info window opens.

Edit Business Identity

  1. To edit your business identity, tap Edit.svg in the upper right corner.2_EN.png⮕ The Edit Business Identity window opens.
  2. Edit your business data, such as the business name, the legal type of your business, the business address and the GLN (Global Location Number).

    The information in the Legal Type field does not appear on invoices and receipts. If you want the legal type of your company to be displayed on invoices, you can add it in the Business Name field.

  3. Tap Checkmark.svg to save your entries and close the window.
    3_EN.png⮕ The business identity details have been changed successfully.

Add Business Logo

You can add your business logo if you want it to be displayed on your invoices and/or receipts: 

  1. To add your business logo, tap Logo.svg. 17_EN.png⮕ The window for editing the business logo opens.
  2. Tap FolderOpen.svg to search for your business logo image file.
  3. Find and open your business logo image file.
    ⮕ Your business logo is displayed in the left column.
  4. Tap on your business logo to move it to the right column.
    5_EN.png⮕ The image is now also displayed in the right column.
  5. Tap on Checkmark.svg to confirm your entries.
    6_EN.png⮕ You have now successfully saved your business logo in enforePOS. It is displayed next to your business name.

Add Contact Details

You can enter the phone number, the email address and the web address of your business in enforePOS. The entered contact details will then appear on receipts and invoices.

  1. In the Contact Details section, tap the field you want to edit and enter the appropriate information.
    8_EN.png⮕ You have successfully entered your information. Your contact information will now appear on your invoices and/or receipts.

Add Tax Numbers

In the Tax Numbers section you can enter the tax number and VAT ID number of your business.

  1. Enter the tax number in the Tax Number field. 
  2. Enter the VAT ID number in the VAT ID Number field.
  3. Log out and then log back in to save your changes.
    ⮕ You have now successfully added the tax numbers of your company.

Add Bank Accounts

In enforePOS you can add as many bank accounts as you like:

  1. Tap [+ Add Bank Account] in the Bank Accounts section.
  2. Enter your account name in the Enter Account Name field and confirm with Return.png
    11_EN.png⮕ The Add Bank Account window opens.
  3. Enter your bank account details, such as account owner, IBAN, BIC and name of bank.
  4. If you want your bank details to appear on invoices and/or receipts, check the Show on Invoice option. 
    12_EN.png⮕ If the Show on Invoice option is activated, your bank details appear on invoices and receipts.
  5. Tap on Checkmark.svg to confirm your entries.

Add Legal Information

In the Legal Information field you can enter information about the chairman of the board, managing director, commercial register and other legal information. The legal information you enter here is then displayed on your invoices and receipts.

  1. Enter the legal information of your business in the Legal Information field.
  2. Confirm your entry with Checkmark.svg.
    14_EN.png⮕ The legal information you have entered will appear on invoices and/or receipts.

Add Complimentary Close

Do you want to say goodbye to your customers on your invoices and receipts? Then you can add a complimentary close in enforePOS. The complimentary close will then appear on invoices and receipts.

  1. Enter your complimentary close in the Complimentary Close field. 
  2. Confirm your entry with Checkmark.svg.
    15_EN.png⮕ The complimentary close you entered appears on invoices and/or receipts.

Show Branches in Documents

With enforePOS you can display your sales channel, i.e. your POS location where your enfore device is located, on invoices and receipts:

  1. Enable the Show Branches in Documents option if you want the POS location to be displayed on receipts and invoices.
    16_EN.png⮕ Your POS location is now displayed on the invoices and/or receipts.

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