Assign Tables to Staff Members - Create New Resource Assignments

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In this How-To, you will learn how to assign tables to staff members, so that the distribution of your staff members is also displayed in enforePOS. You can create as many assignment plans as you want, but you can only set one as active. Tables can only be processed in the cash register by the assigned staff members. Tables that are not assigned to any staff member can be processed by all staff members.


Set User Access Rights

To be able to assign resources to staff members, you need to select the respective staff members in the Resource and Order Assignments field under Business Account > User Access Rights in the Sales tab.

If you want all staff members to be able to assign resources, select All staff members.

Save your selection with Confirm.1_EN.png

Create Resource Assignment

To make the assignment even easier and faster, we recommend that you already create the tables in a floor plan.

  1. In the POS menu, open Reservations > Assignments.
    ⮕ The Resource Assignment window opens.

    If you have created multiple POS locations, you can switch between your POS locations in the upper right corner. In this case, select the POS location where you want to assign tables to your staff members. 

  2. Tap on [+ Add Resource Assignment].2_EN.png
  3. Give the resource assignment a name. 
  4. To save the name, tap on NumpadReturn-2.svg.3_EN.png
    After saving, the floor plan with your tables or an overview of the available resources opens.

    The new assignment plan is listed under Resource Assignment Definitions.

Assign Tables

  1. In the tab bar, select the room (1) where you want to assign tables.4_EN.png
    You can also see and assign all tables in the All Resources tab:5_EN.png
  2. Tap on a table (2) in the floor plan.
    ⮕ The Select Staff Members window opens.
  3. Select the staff members who are responsible for this table.
    You can choose one or multiple staff members.
  4. To assign the staff members, tap on [Assign].

    By tapping [Reset] you can delete the entire selection and make a new selection.

  5. To assign more tables, repeat steps 2 - 4. 
  6. To save your resource assignment, tap [Save].7_EN.png

Settings for Resource Assignments

In the lower area of the Resource Assignment window, you can make higher-level settings for all resource assignment plans.

The default settings of the Assignments are as shown in the Resource Assignment window below.8_EN.png

Multiple persons per resource is enabled, which means you can assign multiple staff members to a table.

Reassignments need access rights is activated, i.e. as soon as an order or a resource is reassigned, a note that the order can only be reassigned by a staff member with access rights is displayed. 

Revenue to order creator is deactivated, i.e. after the table has been reassigned, all revenues are assigned to the newly assigned staff member.

Revenue decide on reassignments is activated, i.e. during the reassignment, the system asks whether the revenue should be assigned to the newly assigned staff member.

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