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Do you want to showcase your sales items online and allow your customers to reserve tables or services online? This is possible with the online presence in enforePOS.

Your online presence provides you with the following options:

  • Show sales items or dishes in the product catalog
  • Offer sales items or dishes for delivery or pickup
  • Make tables or services reservable online

To unlock your online presence, you need to enter a preview code in your settings. To do so, please contact our enforeCare team at

The sales types Pickup and Delivery are available for selection. As a payment method, you can offer Prepayment (for delivery), Payment on Pickup (for pickup) and Credit Card (for both sales types). You also have the option to connect a PayPal account. Additional charges apply when using the Credit Card payment method.

To use credit card payment, you must first sign a contract with one of our payment partners, just like with your enforeDonner or enforePayPad. If you are interested, please contact us and we will support you. You already use the online table or service reservation with enforePOS? In this case, you only need to activate and set up the additional Shop module.

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