Can sales in Z-reports and staff member reports differ?

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The sum of the sales of all staff reports should equal the sum of all Z-reports, provided the reporting period matches. 

If you notice any discrepancies between staff member and Z-reports, please check the following areas first:

  • The Z-reports of your devices: each device corresponds to a cash register. A Z-report is created from each cash register when closing the Business Day, i.e. if you have several cash registers in use, at the end of the day you must create the Z-report of your Business Day for each cash register. To record total sales, you need to add up the individual Z-reports. 

  • Staff reports, on the other hand, are not device-based, but reflect a staff member's total sales over the reporting period.

  • It is therefore important for the comparison that the reporting periods match. Therefore, we recommend that you start both the business day and the staff member shift at the beginning of each day and close at the end of the day. A reporting period is always defined by the beginning and the end of a working day and/or a business day.

After reconciliation, the staff members sales totals and the individual Z report totals should not show any differences.

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