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You are online with your company and you would like to upload images for the home page of your online presence? With enforePOS, this is possible. In this How-To, we'll show you how to do it.  

It's best to use enforePOS for Mac or PC so you can upload images that are stored on your computer.

Please observe the applicable copyright regulations when selecting images.

Company Logo

The company logo is located in the header on all pages of your online presence.Bildschirmfoto

Upload Company Logo

To upload a company logo for your online presence in enforePOS, follow these steps:


  • Choose a logo that isn't too dark so it looks good on both your website and your receipt.
  • File formats: formats for bitmap graphics such as .png, .jpg or .jpeg)
  • Image size: The logo should be square and have a minimum size of 136 px × 136 px. 
  1. Open Business Account > Business Info in the POS menu.
  2. Tap on the placeholder AppTitleEnfore-15.svg next to your company name.Bildschirmfoto
  3. Tap on FolderOpen-15.svg to upload the logo from your computer.

Hero Image

The Hero image is located at the center of the home page of your online presence.Bildschirmfoto

At the top of your home page, you can show one or more images that feature your business.  

Upload Hero Image

To upload a Hero image for your online presence in enforePOS, follow these steps:


  • File formats: Formats for bitmap graphics such as .png, .jpg, .bmp etc.
  • Use a photo, not text or illustrations with text.
  • Use a 16:9 format photo (i.e. landscape), not portrait format images.

Make sure that the most important thing is in the center of the picture. Depending on what device your website is viewed on, the image may be cropped at the top or bottom.

  1. In the POS menu, open Sales > Sales Channels.
  2. Choose your online sales channel.
  3. In the Profile tab, scroll down to the Hero Images menu item.
  4. Tap Edit-15.svg. Bildschirmfoto⮕ The Edit window opens.
  5. Tap on FolderOpen-15.svg to search for the company logo on your computer.Bildschirmfoto
  6. Select one or more image files.
    ⮕ The images are displayed in the left column.
  7. Tap on each image so that it also appears in the right column.
  8. Tap NavbarCheckmark-15.svg to confirm your selection. BildschirmfotoenforePOS displays the images in the Hero Images section as thumbnails.

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