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Assignments in enforePOS allow you to assign resources to staff members - for example, assign waiters to specific tables. You can also use assignments to better track responsibilities and sales.

This How-To gives you an overview of how to work with assignments, what settings are possible, and the order in which you can make these settings.

Resources can be restaurant tables, for example. You can learn how to create tables as resources in enforePOS in the How-To Create Tables as Resources.

You can learn how to create your tables in a graphical floor plan set to divide the tables into waiter areas in the How-To Create Floor Plan Set.

In the How-Tos Add New Staff Members and Set Staff Member PIN, you can read how to create staff members and set up staff member PINs to unlock the cash register. In order for you to use assignments, your staff members must have their own staff PINs set up.

All the requirements are now fulfilled to create one or more resource plans and to assign the tables. Tables can only be processed in the cash register by the respective assigned staff members. Tables that are not assigned to any staff member can be worked on by all staff members. You will learn in the How-To Assign Tables to Staff Members - Create New Resource Assignments how to assign tables and which settings are possible.

In the How-To Edit Resource Assignments, you can find out how to edit an already created resource assignment.

Now, you have to set the user rights for your staff members. The Resource and Order Assignments setting in the Sales tab under Business Account > User Access Rights allows authorized staff members to access a staff member's table and assign it to another staff member. The Assignments setting allows authorized staff members to create and edit resource plans. To learn how and where to make the settings, see the How-To Assign User Access Rights.

enforePOS offers several ways to access an unassigned table. To learn how to reassign tables and what settings are available for a table reassignment, see the How-To Reassign Tables to another Staff Member.

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