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Do you want to create a loyalty program so that, for example, when your customers buy a certain number of a sales item, they get a specified sales item for free? With enforePOS, this is possible. In this How-To, we will show you how to do it.

In this How-To, we describe the process for a product-based loyalty program.


Create new Loyalty Program

  1. From the POS menu, select Sales > Promotions.
  2. Open the overview Loyalty Programs.
  3. Tap on Plus.svg. 1_EN.png⮕ The window for creating a loyalty program opens.
  4. In the Target step, select how the loyalty program should be triggered.

    Sales Item: Purchase of a certain number of a sales item

    Sales Category: Purchase of a certain number of sales items or a certain value of goods of a sales category

    Basket: Number of sales items in the basket or its total amount

    In this example we decide to use Sales Item.

    2_EN.png ⮕ The Create Loyalty Reward step opens.
  5. Choose the reward for the loyalty program.

    Product Voucher: Can be used for a specific sales item.

    Category Voucher : Can be used for any sales item in a specific sales category.

    Cash Voucher: Will be added to the price of the basket. 

    Special Coupon : Applies without restrictions and is not linked to other specifications.

    In this example we decide to use Product Voucher.

    3_EN.png ⮕ The Type step opens.
  6. Choose how customers can earn the selected reward.

    In our example, customers collect points every time they purchase a certain sales item and receive a bonus once they have purchased a certain number of this item.

    4_EN.png ⮕ The Configuration step opens.
  7. Enter the required information in the appropriate fields.5_EN.png

    Add name: Give a name to the loyalty program.

    Loyalty Target

    Sales Item: Specify which sales item the customer must purchase to receive the reward.

    Reward Conditions

    Required units: Set how much sales item must be purchased in order to receive the reward.

    Product Reward

    Free product: Choose which sales item the customer will receive as a reward.

    Free units: Set how many units of the free sales item the customer will receive as a reward.

    Expires: Specify how long the customer can redeem the reward.


    Active from: Set when the loyalty program starts.

    Expires: Set when the loyalty program expires.

  8. Tap on [+ Limitation] if you want to limit the loyalty program to specific sales channels or tags. 6_EN.png
  9. Select the desired limitations. 
  10. Tap on [Confirm].7_EN.png⮕ The Limitation area and the corresponding fields have been added.
  11. Tap on the field Sales Channels or the field Tags.
    ⮕ The respective selection menu opens.
  12. Select the sales channels or tags to which you want the loyalty program to apply.
  13. Tap on [Next]. 8_EN.png⮕ The Media step opens.
  14. Optionally add pictures and a description.

    To add images, tap on Edit.svg.

  15. Tap on [Complete]. 9_EN.png⮕ The window Edit Loyalty Program opens.
  16. Check if you have entered all the information correctly.
  17. Tap [Activate] (or [Schedule] if the action period is in the future).
    Alternatively, you can save the loyalty program as a draft. 10_EN.png ⮕ The loyalty program is saved and activated.

Create a copy of a loyalty program

Loyalty programs that have been created can be used as a template for other loyalty programs. To create a copy of the created loyalty program, proceed as follows:

  1. Tap on the loyalty program you want to copy.11_EN.png ⮕ The Edit loyalty program window opens.
  2. Tap on Create Draft.12_EN.png ⮕ A copy of the loyalty program has been created.
  3. Fill in the corresponding fields for the new loyalty program.
  4. Tap on Activate to activate your new loyalty program.13_EN.png⮕ The loyalty program has been activated.

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