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You can create and sell different types of vouchers in enfore POS. The different voucher types in enfore POS are: 

  • Gift Card:  Applies to the total shopping cart amount. 
  • Gift Card: With the option of pre-printed Gift Cards.
  • Category Voucher:  Applies to any product in a specific Sales category.
  • Product Voucher: Applies to a specific product. 

In the example, we create three Vouchers. The first Voucher is newly created and the two other Vouchers are copied and customised afterwards.
Proceed as follows: 

  1. From the POS menu, open Sales > Sales Items.
  2. Tap Add-2.svg and choose Sales Item.
  3. In the Type of Sales Item window, tap Voucher.
    ⮕ The Create Sales Voucher window opens.
  4. In the first step Type, tap on Gift Card.
  5. In the second step, Identity, enter the key data such as Name, EAN, etc. about the Gift Card.
  6. Choose here if you would like to use pre-printed vouchers for the creation of individual vouchers.
  7. Click on [Next].
  8. In the Availability step, enter the general conditions for the voucher.
    With framework conditions you define the sales value of the voucher, whether the voucher should be available for sale, whether discounts may be applied at the time of sale and in which sales channels the voucher may be redeemed.
  9. In the Tax field, select between the different voucher types for tax purposes:
    • Multi Purpose Voucher, i.e. a Multi Purpose Voucher is not considered for tax purposed until it is redeemed.
    • Single Purpose Voucher, Standard tax, which is already charged with the standard tax rate when issued, and
    • Single Purpose Voucher, Reduced tax, which is also charged with the reduced tax rate when it is issued.
  10. To save your details about the Gift Card, tap on [Create].
    ⮕ The newly created voucher will be listed in the Voucher tab.

You can also create an individual Gift Card by leaving the amount open at the time of sale so that you can use the voucher as you wish.

Duplicate Gift Card

You can duplicate an already created voucher, e.g. if you want to sell the same voucher with a different value. 

Proceed as follows:

  1. Swipe from right to left on the right edge of the voucher to open the function menu.
  2. Tap Clone-2.svg to duplicate the voucher.
  3. Adjust your details as described in points 4-8 to modify the voucher. 
  4. All new vouchers are displayed Voucher tab. 
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