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In enforePOS you can display various Sales Reports.

Sales reports show aggregated information about sales, refunds, and discounts granted. 

Depending on which option you have enabled under Sales > Sales Settings > General Overview in the Sales Reports section sales will be displayed with or without VAT. Some of the amounts listed here do not include taxes, so gross and net amounts are the same. 

You can find the sales reports in the POS menu under Sales > Sales Reports. You can view the following sales reports: 

  • Total Sales
  • Sales per Channel
  • Sales per Staff member
  • Sales per Category
  • Sales Item

These are each subdivided into:

  • Current Sales
  • History

Structure of sales reports

The sales reports are structured as follows:

Revenue Total

  • Sales
    • Inventory items
    • Build to Order items
    • Service items
  • Refunds
    • Inventory
    • Build to Order
    • Service


  • Inventory items
  • Build to Order items
  • Servicen items

Top 10 Sales Items

  • (name of sales item)
  • Sales
  • Units
  • Discount

Total Sales Top 10

Flop 10 Sales Items

  • (name of sales item)
  • Sales
  • Units
  • Discount

Total Sales Flop 10

Sales Channels

Staff Members

The Top 10 and Flop 10 show the most frequently and least sold items in the period under review. It is not the turnover that is taken into account, but the quantity. Sales items that were not sold are not listed in Flop 10 either.

Current Sales

The current sales are listed here. These refer to the current Z-Report. 

There are the tabs Day, Week, Month and Year.


This display is available in all sales reports. The various sales reports only differ in terms of content. For example, in the case of Sales Staff, you first need to select a staff member. Then you can see the corresponding sales.

Sales History 

All completed sales are listed here in chronological order. This is where you can compare multiple sales reports.

In the example, we are comparing two reports in the area of Total Sales.

  1. Tap on Ellipsis.svg in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap on Compare. mceclip1.png
  3. Select the reports to compare.
  4. Tap on Checkmark.svg. mceclip2.png ⮕ The selected reports are compared in a table. mceclip3.png

Print Sales Reports

  1. Tap on Ellipsis.svg in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap on Print.
  3. Select the reports you want to print.
  4. Tap on Checkmark.svg.mceclip5.png ⮕ The desired reports will be printed on your selected printer.

Send Sales Reports via email

  1. Tap on Ellipsis.svg in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap on Email. mceclip6.png
  3. Select the reports you would like to send via email.
  4. Tap on Checkmark.svg.mceclip7.png ⮕ The Recipient window opens.
  5. In the Search for participants field, you can search for staff members who have already been created.

    To add a new recipient, tap on Create new contact.

  6. Select the desired staff member.
  7. Tap on Checkmark.svg.mceclip8.png ⮕ After the email has been sent successfully, the following message appears. mceclip9.png
  8. Tap on [Confirm].

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