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enforePOS allows you to check out orders according to the desires of your customers. You can combine multiple invoices of large groups or split invoices if customers want to pay individually. Here you get an overview of the checkout options:

Collect orders

You can learn more about cashing out with the various payment options in the following How-Tos: 

Collective Settlement

It is possible to combine several orders into one invoice. You can find out how collective settlement works in enforePOS in this How-To: Collective Settlement - Combine Several Orders in One Invoice

Split Settlement

If your guests want to pay separately or split the invoice amount, you can do it with enforePOS.

Split Settlement - Check Out Separately: In this How-To, you will learn how to split up individual items in order to allow your guests to pay separately.

Split Invoice Amount and Check Out in Partial Amounts: In this How-To, you will learn how to proceed if your guests want to split the invoice.

Split Settlement when the Order Process is not Completed: In this How-To you will learn how to proceed if you need to create a split settlement even though not all orders have been taken yet.

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