Changing the receipt roll in the Receipt Printer of the enforeDasher

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The receipt roll of your enforeDasher is used up and your next customer is waiting for his receipt? In this How-To, we will show you how to change your receipt roll in just a few steps. 


  • You use the enforeDasher receipt roll with thermal paper, which is specially adjusted to the printing unit in the enforeDasher. You can get these from us in the enfore shop.

To change the receipt roll, proceed as follows:

  1. Move the slider next to the customer display all the way down. 1_Bonrolle_leer_schieber_runter.png ⮕ The receipt roll compartment opens.
  2. Completely open the receipt roll compartment. 3_Klappe_oeffnen.png
  3. Remove the used receipt roll from the enforeDasher.
  4. Remove the paper from the new receipt roll.
  5. Place the new receipt roll in the compartment with the unwinding direction facing upwards.
  6. Pull out a piece of printer paper far enough so that you can see it when you close the lid.
  7. Close the receipt roll compartment. Make sure that the compartment door clicks into place.

    You have inserted the enforeDasher receipt roll correctly when you hear a short Printer sound and the Printer moves the paper out a little.

    ⮕ You have successfully changed the enforeDasher receipt roll.

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