Pay separately: Can I issue a separate invoice for each guest?

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Yes, in enforePOS, it is easily possible for your guests to pay separately and for you to print an invoice for each split settlement.

You can find out how to checkout separately in the How-To Split Settlement: Check Out Separately. There are several ways to print the receipt or an entertainment expense receipt for the customer:

  • Print invoice in the payment process: Tap on [Pay] in the Split Settlement window to open the Select Payment Method window. In the following payment dialog you can print the receipt as usual.
  • Print invoice later: In the Split Settlement window you can select an already paid invoice with Toggle-15.svg and print it with [Print].
  • Print invoice later: Open Sales > Sales History from the POS menu or open the sales history directly from the cash register. In the Sales History, select the invoice you want to print.

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