Send Invoice/Receipt via SMS

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enforePOS automatically generates an invoice for each completed order, which you can send to your customers via SMS. 

Send Invoice via SMS in the Sales History

In the sales history, you can view, print and send invoices as an email or SMS.

  1. Open Sales > Sales History.

    Alternative: Swipe left over the amount in the cash register and tap on InvoicingHistory.svg.

    ⮕ The Sales History window opens.
  2. Swipe left on the invoice you want to send.
  3. Tap on Print.svg
    1_EN.png ⮕ The Receipt window opens.
  4. Choose Mobile Phone.
    2_EN.png ⮕ The Please enter phone number window opens.
  5. Enter the phone number of the customer.
  6. Tap on [Confirm]. 3_EN.png⮕ The Please enter phone number window closes and the phone number has been adopted.
  7. Tap on [Complete].
    4_EN.png ⮕ The receipt has been sent.

Send Invoice by SMS at the End of the Checkout Process

  1. Check out the order as usual. We show you how to do this in this How-To.
  2. Select [Mobile Phone] to send the receipt via SMS. 5_EN.png⮕ The Please enter phone number window opens.
  3. Enter the phone number with the area code.

    Be sure to use the international phone code, e.g. +49123456789.

  4. Tap on [Confirm].6_EN.png⮕ The Please enter phone number window closes.
  5. Tap on [Complete].
    7_EN.png⮕ The Receipt window closes.

enforePOS sends the receipt via SMS to the entered phone number.
With the SMS, your customer will receive a link redirecting to the receipt/invoice. The link is valid for 7 days. 8_EN.jpeg

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