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You can set up enforePOS to print an assembly slip as soon as you have taken an order. You can do this directly through the enforeDasher as well as at an assembly location such as a kitchen where the receipt printer is located.

You can define all the settings either in the enforePOS Client for Windows or Mac or on your enforeDasher.

Assembly slips are printed out at both Sales and Gastro cash registers.

Print Assembly Slips at the POS location via the enforeDasher

If you work without assembly locations, you can print assembly slips at the POS location via the enforeDasher. To do this, you have to make the following settings:

  1. Open Sales > Sales Settings.
    ⮕ The Register view opens.
  2. Switch to the Device Usage tab.
  3. Tap on the Assembly Slip Printer field. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_10.47.36.png⮕ The Select Assembly Slip Printer window opens.
  4. Select the integrated printer of your enforeDasher. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_10.54.57.png
  5. Activate the Print Assembly Slip option.
  6. Activate the Only for Build to Order Sales Items option. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_10.56.31.png If you activate the option, assembly slips are only generated and printed for orders with Build to Order sales items.
    ⮕ You have set the printer for the production list. Assembly slips are now printed on the internal printer of your enforeDasher at the POS location.

Print Assembly Slips at the Assembly Location

If you work with assembly locations such as a kitchen, a counter or a stock, you can print assembly slips using the assembly slip printer. To do this, you must select the assembly slip printer at the assembly location. 


  1. In the POS menu, open Sales > Sales Settings.
    ⮕ The Register view opens.
  2. Tap on the overview Assembly Locations.
  3. From the list on the left, select the assembly location where you want the assembly slips to be printed.
  4. Activate the Print Assembly Slip option.
  5. Tap on the Assembly Slip Printer field.
    Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.09.41.png ⮕ The Select Assembly Slip Printer window opens.
  6. Select the receipt printer at the assembly location.
    This can be the internal printer of another enforeDasher or a receipt printer from our shop. You can recognize the right receipt printer based on the unique device ID. For comparison: You can find the unique device ID in the POS menu under Business Account > Devices > Device usage.
  7. Tap on [Complete]. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.10.42.png

⮕ You have set up the Printer for the Assembly Slip at the assembly location.

Link Sales Items to an Assembly Location

In order for enforePOS to print the assembly slips for accepted orders at the correct assembly location, you must link the sales items to the assembly location. 

  1. From the POS menu, open Sales > Sales Items.
    ⮕ The Sales Items view opens.
  2. Open the Build To Order tab.
  3. Tap the sales item you want to link to an assembly location. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.14.37.png⮕ The detail view for the sales item opens.
  4. Tap Edit-15.png. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.16.12.png⮕ The Edit Identity window opens.
  5. Tap [+ Assembly Locations].
  6. Tap on [Select Assembly Locations...] 
  7. Select the assembly location.
  8. To confirm your entries, tap on [Confirm]. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.18.01.png⮕ You have set the assembly location for the sales item.

Edit all selected sales items in this way. The assembly slips are then printed at the assembly location you have set.

Print Assembly Slips by Courses and/or Seats

To print an assembly slip, tap on [Take Order] after you have loaded one or more sales items into the cash register. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.22.46.png

Depending on the settings you have made in Sales > Settings, the order is broken down by courses, by seats or by courses and seats on the assembly slip.

If you have only selected Use Seats in Sales > Sales Settings > Register > Gastro, the order will be divided by seats:

Production receipt_seats.png

If you have only selected Use Courses, the order will be broken down by courses:

Production receipt_G_nge.png

If you have selected both Use Seats and Use Courses, the order will be divided by courses and, within the courses, by seats:

Production receipt_G_nge_Seats.png

Reprint Assembly Slip

You have the possibility in enforePOS to reprint an already printed production list. Proceed as follows:

  1. Swipe from right to left at the top of the open order to open the context menu.
  2. Tap on PrintInvoice.svg.Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.46.05.png⮕The What should be printed out? window opens.
  3. Tap on Assembly Slips. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.47.13.png
    If your order consists of sales items that are each assigned to different assembly locations, this window will appear: Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.47.46.png
  4. Select here for which assembly locations the assembly slip should be printed again.
  5. Tap on [Confirm]. The Reprint of your assembly slip is marked by the inscription Copy. Im_Haus_Kopie_Bar.png

    If more than one order has already been placed at the respective assembly location (more than 1 assembly slip receipt has been printed), all assembly slips are printed out again.

Cancellation Receipt

The order has been taken, the assembly slip has been sent to the kitchen and now your guest wants to change their order? Cancel the corresponding item on the order and send the cancellation receipt to the kitchen.

You can cancel a whole order as well as individual line items. All cancellation receipts are printed out at all assembly locations. 

  • Void Line Item

    1. In the open order, swipe from right to left over the item to be canceled to open the context menu. 
    2. Tap on Deactivate.svg.Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.35.48.png ⮕ The Void Line Item window opens.
    3. Choose the amount and the reason for the void here.
    4. Confirm your selection with [Complete]. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.37.18.pngThe cancellation receipt is printed automatically. Im_Haus_Storno.png
  • Cancel a whole order

    1. Swipe over the total amount from right to left to open the context menu.
    2. Tap on Deactivate.svg.Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.38.19.pngA window to cancel the order opens.
    3. Select the reason for cancellation.
    4. Confirm with Cancel.Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.39.29.pngThe cancellation document is printed automatically.

Take away Assembly Slip

The order is for Take Away and your kitchen team should therefore not serve the dishes on a plate, but in transport packaging? No problem: for Take Away orders, the information “Take Away” is printed on the assembly slip receipt, so that your kitchen team immediately receives the relevant information.

Tap on [Take Order] after you have loaded one or more sales items into the cash register.Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.41.27.png The Take Away receipt is printed out automatically. Au_er_Haus_Bar.png If you want Take Away assembly slips to be printed on a different printer, select the corresponding printer at your assembly location in the Printer for Take Away Assembly Slip field. Bildschirmfoto_2022-09-14_um_12.42.16.png

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