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In this How-To, you will learn which functions are available to you in the inventory list. 

  1. Open in the POS menu Inventory > Inventory List.

    Here you will find all inventory sales items in alphabetical order, including brand, item number, the total number, as well as the number of available and disposed sales items. The display is automatically updated in real time.

    In this area, you can access and use the following functions:

View Sales Item Details

  1. Tap on a sales item in the Stock overview to view the sales item details.

    In this view, you can manage and edit the inventory sales item and view the movements of the sales item in detail. You can also access and edit other properties of the sales item here.Bildschirmfoto_2022-12-16_um_08.40.05.png

Record New Inventory Sales Items with the Scanner

  1. Tap on Barcode.svg in the header to add a new sales item with the scanner.
    ⮕ The Scan or enter Barcode window opens. 
  2. Scan the barcode on the sales item or enter the EAN number. 
  3. Confirm your entry with Checkmark2.svg.Bildschirmfoto_2022-12-16_um_08.41.05.png⮕The Scan or enter Barcode window closes.

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