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In the Purchasing area, you can place purchase orders with suppliers. The Active and History overviews allow you to view your active purchase orders and purchase history. If you mark purchase orders as received, your stock will be automatically replenished in your storage location. In the Inventory List, you can transfer received sales items to the storage locations where you store the sales items.

You can access the Purchasing area by opening Inventory > Purchasing in the POS menu.

enforePOS offers you the following options for purchasing:

  • Create purchase orders
  • Cancel purchase orders
  • Print purchase orders and send them manually
  • Save purchase orders as drafts
  • View purchase history

The Purchasing area is divided into the three overviews Drafts, Active and History.

Drafts Overview

This overview shows the purchase orders that you have saved as drafts. enforePOS does not send drafts to your suppliers.

You can prepare purchase orders and save them as drafts. Prepared purchase orders can be placed at a later time in just a few steps.


Active Overview

The Active overview is divided into the three columns In Processing, Issued & Due and Overdue.

  • In Processing: This column shows purchase orders that have not yet been sent to suppliers. This happens, for example, if you have not activated the sending methods for business documents in the inventory settings
  • Issued & Due: Shows active purchase orders that have already been sent to suppliers.
  • Overdue: Shows purchase orders with a delivery date in the past, which means that the orders are overdue.


History Overview

The History overview shows the sales history of purchase orders.


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