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You can manage cash centrally at your cash register or assign cash containers to staff members to manage cash. In this How-To, you will learn how to assign cash container to staff members.

There are different ways to manage Cash in enforePOS. If you want to manage your cash centrally at a cash register and not in cash containers assigned to staff members, you have to activate it in the settings of your cash register. We explain how it works here.

  1. From the POS menu, open Business Account > Staff Members
  2. Tap on the staff member.Bildschirmfoto_2023-02-17_um_08.40.43.png ⮕ The staff member's window opens.
  3. Tap on the Cash Container tab.
  4. Tap on Cash Drawer or Wallet, depending on which form of cash container the staff member manages.Bildschirmfoto_2023-02-17_um_08.40.54.png ⮕ The selected cash container is now assigned to the staff member. All cash transactions in the staff member's cash container are now recorded.

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