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In enforePOS you start and close your Business Day every day. You will receive a Z-Report for every Business Day and always have an overview.  

Start Business Day

After logging in to enforePOS, you will be asked to start the Business Day in the checkout view or in the Accounting Cash Register Current Business Day view.

► Click on Start Business Day
⮕ After the Business Day has started, the Cash Balance window opens.

If you counted the Cash Balance the day before, the denomination of the last counting log will be displayed. If you have no cash in the Cash Register, the Cash balance window does not open.


You can find out how to make a cash deposit here.

You can find out how to count cash here. 

You can find out how to book a cash withdrawal here. 

Close Business Day

When you close the Business Day, the current Z-Report will be completed.

  1. From the POS menu, open Sales > Accounting.
    ⮕ The Current Business Day view opens. 
  2. Click on Close Business Day.
    ⮕The Select Cash Drawer window opens.
    ⮕ The expected amount is displayed.
  3. Enter the respective number of coins and notes.
  4. Tap on [Complete] to end the Business Day. 

🇨🇭NOTE for customers from Switzerland: If you work with a SIX Terminal, you can also do a daily closing for the SIX Terminal in enforePOS via Business Account Devices Device Manager. We explain how to do a daily closing at the SIX Terminal in the How-To 🇨🇭Payment, Refund and Daily Closing with the SIX Terminal.

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