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In enforePOS, dashboard widgets help you to keep track of your most important business numbers. In this How-To, you will learn how to restrict access to your dashboard widgets and how to generate reports with a single click.

The dashboard is located on the first level in the POS menu under Home.

By default, all widgets are only visible to the owner. The visibility of a widget can also be set for other staff members. If you have created multiple POS locations in your Business Account, you can also specify which POS locations should be evaluated and displayed on the dashboard.

If you haven't given your staff member user access rights to the dashboard, they will only have a blank view. mceclip0.png

User Settings - Set the Display of the Widgets

  1. Open Business Account > User Access Rights in the POS menu. 
    ⮕ The Settings view opens. In the Dashboard tab, all Widgets and all POS locations created with your business account are listed.
  2. Tap on a field in the Widgets section, e.g. Top Sales Categories, to change the access rights for that widget. mceclip1.png ⮕ The Top Sales Categories window opens.
  3. Decide who should be able to see the widget on the dashboard. You can choose between Owner only, All staff members, Selected staff members and Authorization Level. In our example, we will select Selected staff members. mceclip2.png ⮕ If you select Selected staff members, the window expands to include a list of your staff members. You can select multiple staff members.
  4. Tap the staff members who should be able to see the widget.
  5. Tap [Confirm]. mceclip3.png ⮕ The settings have been successfully applied.
  6. Repeat the steps for all other widgets for which you want to change the user access rights. 
  7. Open the Home section in the POS menu.
    ⮕ The widgets are arranged on several pages.

To scroll between pages, swipe across the entire view from right to left or from left to right. mceclip4.png

To learn how to arrange the widgets on the dashboard to your liking and how to set the time range or the POS location, see the How-To Configure Dashboard.

Open One-Click Report of a Widget

The one-click report opens with just one click and gives you more detailed numbers for your widgets. For example, the one-click report of the Top Sales Items widget will show you the 25 sales items with the highest revenue per week. 

  1. Tap on a widget whose report you want to view. mceclip5.png ⮕ The detailed report of the widget opens.
  2. Tap CloseButton-2.svg to close the one-click report. mceclip6.png

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