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Do you want to configure your Dashboard and customize the dashboard display to your liking? You will learn how to do that in this How-To.

In the example, all Dashboard widgets are visible and arranged on multiple pages. Swipe left or right to switch between pages.  

Select POS Location and Time Range for Dashboard Display 

  1. To go to the Dashboard, tap on enforePOS in the POS menu.
  2. Tap Settings-2.svg.
    ⮕ The Dashboard display window opens. mceclip0.png
  3. Swipe up or down to make the desired settings in each section.
  4. Tap on [Confirm].ezgif-1-6f86f3f6fa.gif ⮕ The window closes. The dashboard will be displayed according to your settings.

Rearrange Dashboard Widgets

Do you want to capture your most important key figures at first glance? Rearrange the dashboard widgets according to your needs.

  1. Tap on List.svg in the Dashboard display window. mceclip1.png⮕ The Customize Dashboard Widgets window opens.
  2. Press and hold the widget, e.g. Total Revenue, until you can move it.
  3. Drag the widget to the desired position.
  4. When you have dragged the widget to the desired position, release the widget.
    ⮕ The widget is repositioned. If you want to rearrange more widgets, repeat this process.
  5. Tap on [Apply]. ⮕ The Customize Dashboard Widgets window closes.ezgif-1-8d290636da.gif
  6. Tap [Confirm] in the Dashboard display window.Screenshot_2022-09-21_at_09.30.21.png ⮕ The window closes. The widgets are rearranged on the dashboard. mceclip2.png

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