Cash Management overview

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enforePOS actively supports you in managing all Cash Transactions that take place in your Business during business hours. For this purpose, enforePOS can actively manage several Cash Containers. Cash Containers can be a Cash Drawer or a wallet (e.g. Waiter's wallet). It is important for you that enforePOS manages the Cash Transactions in the Cash Container in which they were made. Cash Containers can be assigned to either a device or a Staff member.

If you only have one Cash Register with one Cash Drawer, enforePOS manages all Cash Transactions for this Cash Register. enforePOS records all your sales in the current daily report for each device (Z-Report) and creates an additional report "Cash Drawer" in which the Cash Management takes place and is recorded.

If you also have several Staff members who work on this device and generate sales, enforePOS also records all Staff member sales in parallel to the Z-Report in a separate Staff member report. So you can always see what sales your Staff members achieve on a Business day.

If you have a Cash Register and several Staff members and they manage their own Cash Containers (such as wallets) in your Business, enforePOS records Cash Transactions in the respective Staff member report in the "Wallet / Cash Drawer" tab. So you have permanent control over which Cash Transactions take place with your Staff members. The Cash in the Cash Drawer or in the Staff members wallet can be counted at any time. A counting protocol is created in each case, which is listed in the Z-Report of the Cash Drawer or in the Staff member report.

The Cash Ledger completes the Cash Management and shows all financial transactions of your Cash Register. The Cash Ledger can be started and ended. We recommend using the Cash Ledger when using the Cash Management, but the Cash Management can also be used separately without the Cash Ledger. The digital Cash Ledger guarantees you complete documentation of all your transactions and thus facilitates communication with your tax advisor.

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