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In this How-To, you will learn how a staff member report is composed and how you can access it in enforePOS. The staff member report records and lists all transactions of a staff member (cash, invoice, card, or voucher payments and refunds).

We explain how to print or mail the current or completed staff members reports in the How-To: Print or mail staff members reports.

If you want to record the sales of your staff members, you can create staff members reports in enforePOS even without cash management. The prerequisite for this is that staff members are logged in, start their shift and book sales only under their own login. At the end of their workday, they finish their shift. 


  • The staff member has logged in with own login data
  • The staff member makes bookings only under own login
  • The staff member works with shifts
  • The staff member is assigned a cash container or logs on to a cash register with a cash container during sales

Show current staff member report (Current shift)

You can access the current or ongoing staff members report in enforePOS as follows:

  1. From the POS menu, open Sales > Accounting.
  2. You can find the current staff member report under Current Shift. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.46.01.png

Alternatively, you can find the staff member reports as follows: 

  1. Open Business Account > Staff Members in the POS menu.
  2. Tap on the staff member whose reports you want to see. 
  3. Select the Reports overview.
  4. Select the current or a closed business day. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.47.08.png ⮕ The staff member report is displayed.

The report is divided into the following tabs: 

Below, we give you an insight into the respective tabs:

  • Sales Report

    The tab Sales Report summarizes the following:

    • Sales revenue
    • Discounts
    • Top 10 Sales Items
    • Total Sales Top 10


  • Sales

    All sales types are logged in the Sales tab. This is summarized as follows: 

    • Sales
    • Refunds
    • Vouchers
    • Customer Accounts
    • Invoices


  • Payment Methods

    All incoming and outgoing payments are logged in the Payment methods tab. This is summarized as follows: 

    • Cash payments in and out
    • Card payments in and out 
    • Voucher payments in and out
    • Customer account payments incoming and outgoing
    • Sales via invoice
    • Cancel without payout
    • Breakdown of Card Payments


  • Wallet / Cash Drawer

    In the Wallet tab, the cash balance and all cash transactions are recorded.

    If the staff member has been assigned a cash drawer, the tab is called Cash drawer.

    This tab is divided into:

    • Cash
      • Cash at Start
      • Cash Transactions
      • Cash Refunds
      • Cash Deposits
      • Cash Withdrawals
      • Cash Expected
    • Counting protocol (if the cash was counted)

    The exact denomination of the cash on hand is listed in the counting protocol. Cash can be counted at any time in between, and all counting protocols are added to the staff member report. The most recent counting protocol is the first one in the list.

  • Transactions

    In the Transactions tab, all individual invoices of the day are listed. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.52.01.png

Staff member reports in the history

All completed staff member reports are listed chronologically under Sales > Accounting > Staff > History.

  1.  Tap on a staff member report to see the details. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.52.39.png

View staff member reports

You can have access to the staff member reports in 2 other places in enforePOS:

Access staff member reports from the Accounting > Administration menu

  1. Open in POS menu Sales > Accounting > Administration: All Staff. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.53.17.png
  2. Tap on the desired staff member. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.54.18.png ⮕ All reports of the desired staff member are listed. The current workday/staff member report is listed under Current Report. All completed reports are listed under History.
  3. Tap on a staff member report to open the detailed view. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.55.27.png ⮕ The details of the report are displayed. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.55.59.png

View staff member reports in the staff member profile

You can alternatively access the staff member reports in the staff member profile.

  1. Open Business Account > Staff Members in the POS menu. 
  2. Tap on a staff member.1_NEW_EN.png ⮕ The view for the staff member profile opens. 
  3. Tap on the Reports overview. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.57.33.png
  4. Tap on an individual report to open the detailed view. Bildschirmfoto_2022-08-08_um_09.58.10.png ⮕ The details of the report are displayed.

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