Set Up enforeComet with Spacer

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For the best possible presentation of the devices - for both merchants and customers - the wiring should not be visible.

First, choose a stable, non-slip, freely accessible surface to place the enfore devices on. 

The enforeComet has standardized mounting threads for a VESA mount (75 mm × 75 mm). A VESA mount must be installed on the wall or table. This requires drill holes for the screw connection and a 25 mm hole for the cable outlet.

VESA mount.JPG

Mount enforeComet together with a Cash Drawer

For mounting the enforeComet on a wall or table bracket together with a cash drawer, a spacer is included for optimal accessibility of the RJ-12 socket.

Before starting the montage, connect the RJ12 cable to the back of the enforeComet.


If you are mounting the enforeComet to a wall/table mount along with a cash drawer, you must use the supplied spacer when mounting the enforeComet.



Connect the enforeComet together with the spacer to your VESA mount (75 mm × 75 mm).  




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