Overview - Table Reservations ("Click & Seat")

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We would like to give you the opportunity to get a first overview of the table reservation in enforePOS.

In just a few steps, you can also offer your table reservation on your online presence - whether for smartphone, tablet or PC: The layout adapts dynamically. Your customers can not only reserve a table, but also leave their most important data such as name, cell phone number or home address when making a reservation.

To unlock the online presence, contact our enforeCare team at care@enfore.com. We will then explain to you how to proceed.

Do you already use the online presence with enforePOS? In this case, you only need to activate and set up the Shop module.

There are three basic requirements for working with table reservations:

In the following How-Tos you will learn how to work with tables and reservations in enforePOS:

It is possible to assign tables to specific staff members. This allows you to define the areas of responsibility for the staff members. You can read how to work with resource assignments in the following How-Tos:

You can create a graphical floor plan with tables in enforePOS. Learn how to work with a floor plan in these How-Tos:

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