Cancel Reservation Automatically in case of No-Show

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Unfortunately, some customers who have made a reservation do not show up without canceling their reservation. In enforePOS, you have the option to specify a period after which the reservation is automatically canceled, so that you do not have to cancel reservations manually during business hours. 

  1. In the POS menu, open Reservations > Services.
    ⮕ The Services overview opens.
  2. Select the service for which you want to enter a no-show period.
    Bildschirmfoto_2023-05-30_um_09.18.03.png⮕ The detailed view of the service opens.
  3. In the Availability tab, enter a time period in the Automatically Cancel after field.
    Bildschirmfoto_2023-05-30_um_09.18.25.png⮕ The time period has been set. 
    After this period, the reservation will be automatically canceled if the guests are not marked as Arrived or the reservation has not been checked in.

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