Create and Edit Reservations in the Calendar

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In this How-To we will show you how to create and edit reservations in the calendar in enforePOS.


You can access the calendar in the POS menu under Reservations > Active Reservations. Select the Calendar overview.


Here you can see the calendar for the current day. In the top bar, you can see all the staff members in your salon. The times shown on the left correspond to the opening hours of your salon. The red line indicates the current time.

You will also see that the staff members are highlighted. Staff members highlighted in white are available. Staff members highlighted in gray are not available. You set the availability of your staff members in the staff planning.

Add Non-Reservable Times for Staff Members

You can add non-reservable times for individual staff members in the calendar. Proceed as follows:

  1. Tap the name of a staff member in the top bar.Bildschirmfoto⮕ The occupancy schedule of the staff member opens.
  2. Tap on BlockedForReservation.svg.Bildschirmfoto⮕ The Non-reservable times window opens.
  3. Tap on [+ Add non-reservable time span...]. Bildschirmfoto ⮕ The Edit Timespan window opens.
  4. Enter the time span that cannot be reserved.
    • To enter the time span in days, enable Whole Working Days and enter the start and end dates.
    • To enter the time span in hours, uncheck Whole Working Days and enter a time span in the Select Time Span... field.
    • Select whether existing reservations can be started.
  5. Tap on [Complete].Bildschirmfoto⮕ The Edit Timespan window closes. You have successfully created the non-reservable time span. The time span will be displayed in the Non-reservable times window.
  6. Tap on CloseButton.svg.Bildschirmfoto⮕ In the staff member's occupancy schedule, the time span that cannot be reserved is grayed out.
    Tap on NavbarBack.svg to return to the calendar.Bildschirmfoto

Create a Reservation in the Calendar 

  1. In the calendar, tap on a vacancy in a staff member's column to quickly create a reservation with that staff member. The time slot you tap will be set as the start time of the new reservation. In this example, we create a reservation at 2 p.m. with the staff member Bernd Fischer.
    Bildschirmfoto⮕ The Select Service window opens.
  2. Select the desired service.Bildschirmfoto⮕ The Details window opens.
  3. Enter the name of the customer.
    There are 2 options when entering the customer:
    • You can create a new customer: Enter the name and tap on Create New Customer. Now enter the contact details (1).
    • If your customer is already registered, you can select the name in the drop-down menu (2).Bildschirmfoto
  4. Use the preset start time, end time, and duration, or adjust them according to your needs. In addition, you can specify how you received the reservation.
    To add requests to the reservation, tap on Special and enter the requests.
  5. Tap on [Save].
    Bildschirmfoto⮕ The Details window opens. The reservation is displayed in blue in the calendar:

Edit a Reservation in the Calendar

  1. Tap on the reservation.
    ⮕ The reservation opens.
    You can edit the reservation in several ways. You can
    • edit the contact details of the customer,
    • add participants to the reservation,
    • make comments on the reservation,
    • change the date, time and duration of the reservation,
    • assign the reservation to another staff member,
    • cancel the reservation.
  2. Make the desired changes.
  3. Tap on CloseButton.svg to apply the changes.

Check in a Reservation 

If you have defined for your service (in POS menu under Reservations > Services) that the reservation should be automatically canceled after a certain time, e.g. if your customer does not come, it is recommended to check in the reservation when your customer has arrived. Otherwise, you will not be able to load the reservation into the cash register after it has been canceled automatically.

  1. Tap on [Check in] in the reservation.Bildschirmfoto⮕ The reservation has been checked in and is displayed green in the calendar.

Settle a Reservation

The following describes how you settle the reservation in the cash register. Alternatively, you can tap on [Check out] in the checked-in reservation in the calendar. The reservation is then automatically loaded into the cash register. You can find out more about this in the How-To Create, Check In and Check Out Service Reservations.

  1. To load the reservation into the cash register, open the cash register and tap on ReservationsItem.svg.
    Bildschirmfoto⮕ The Available Reservations window opens.
  2. Tap on the Services tab.
  3. Select the reservation to be loaded into the cash register.
  4. Tap on [Load into Register].
    Bildschirmfoto⮕ You have loaded the reservation into the cash register and can now settle it:

    You can now add and settle additional services and care products.

Create Parallel Reservations

If you have enabled the Allow overbooking option in the reservation settings, you can create multiple reservations in parallel for one staff member. To do this, tap on the free space next to the existing reservation in the calendar. Create the new reservation in the same way as the existing one.

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