Record Initial Stock of Sales Items

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If you have never counted your stock and want to enter the initial stock of your sales items, you can assign the label Initial Count when counting.


  • You have created inventory sales items
  1. Open in the POS menu Inventory > Inventory List.
    ⮕ The inventory list opens and shows all created inventory sales items. mceclip0.png
  2. To enter the initial stock of a sales item, tap on it.
    ⮕ The window with the sales item details opens. 
  3. Select the Stock tab.
  4. Tap on [Manage Inventory].mceclip2.png
    ⮕ The Manage Inventory window opens.

    In the Manage Inventory window, the default mode is Increase. In order to be able to assign the label Initial Count, you have to change the mode to Reconcile.

  5. Tap on [Increase] to change the mode.Bildschirmfoto_2022-11-25_um_15.34.24.png ⮕ The Mode window opens.
  6. Select the [Reconcile] mode.
  7. Confirm with SingleSelectionCheck.svg. mceclip5.png ⮕ The Mode window closes.
  8. Enter the number using the keyboard that appears.
  9. Confirm your entry with Return-15.svg. mceclip6.png ⮕ The Reconcile window opens.
  10. Select the Initial Count label. mceclip7.png⮕ The change log is updated in the Manage Inventory window.
  11. Confirm with [Update inventory]. mceclip8.png⮕ The new stock in the storage location is displayed in the Details overview. mceclip9.png

    By default, one storage location is created for each POS location. You can find out how to create additional storage locations in the How-To Manage Storage Locations.

    In order to manage the stock of your inventory sales items, it is imperative that the Track Inventory option is enabled. If the option is disabled, the stock of your inventory sales items will not adjust during sales!

  12. To return to the inventory list, tap on ArrowBack.svg.
    ⮕ The updated stock of the sales item is displayed in the sales item line on the right. mceclip11.png
  13. Enter the initial stock of all your sales items step by step. mceclip12.png⮕ You have successfully entered the initial stock of your sales items.

    If you switch to the Movements overview, you can filter by the label Initial Count. mceclip13.png

    In the Sales Item Details window, if you click Inventory-15.svg in the header, you can open the Manage Inventory window in the desired mode (Increase, Decrease, Transfer, Reconcile).


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