Manage Bundles in the Inventory: Define Conversions

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In enforePOS, you can manage your sales items and your inventory. When you purchase sales items in larger bundles, you can add the bundles to your inventory. You specify how many individual sales items are in one bundle. This way you can keep track of your inventory in enforePOS and in your store.

In this How-To you will learn how to define the size of a bundle in relation to the individual sales item. When you unpack a bundle, e.g. a carton, to fill up your stock, you do exactly the same in enforePOS. The How-To Unbundle Bundles in the Inventory describes how to do this. If you create your own bundles and manage them in the inventory, you can read about how to do this in enforePOS in the How-To Create Bundles in the Inventory.


  • You have created the individual sales item and the bundle as a sales item in enforePOS


Define Conversion

With the function Conversions, you define in enforePOS the number of sales items in one bundle.

  1. To define conversions, open Inventory > Inventory List in the POS menu.
  2. Select the bundle from the list (in the example the case of apple juice).
  3. Select the Conversions tab. 2.png
  4. Tap [+ Add Conversion].
    ⮕ The Conversion window opens.3.png
  5. In the Convert to input field, you can search for the sales item by entering the first letters of the sales item name.4.png
  6. Select the sales item and specify under Quantity how many sales items are in the bundle or how many sales items you have when you unpack the bundle.
    (In the example, you have 24 individual bottles of apple juice when you unpack the case). 5.png
  7. Confirm with [Save].

Show Conversion Rules

The conversion rule is displayed in the Conversions tab for both sales items.6.png

Tap on the conversion rule and the view will change to the converted sales item.

Show Inventory List

In the Inventory List, you can see that the content of the bundle is displayed on the single sales item (10 boxes of 24 pcs = 240 pcs).7.png

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