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In the following, you will learn how to edit already created options in enforePOS.

  1. To access the settings for already created options, open Sales > Sales Items > Options Overview > Options tab in the POS menu.


  2. To show the function menu of an option, swipe from right to left over the option.


    The following functions are available in the function menu of the option:

    Edit-3.svg - Edit properties of an option
    Assign.svg - Copy option and assign to a sales item 
    Delete-2.svg - Delete option

Edit Properties of an Option

  1. Tap Edit-3.svg or tap directly on the option.
    ⮕ The Edit Option window opens.


  2. If you want to change the name of the option or edit its properties, tap Edit-3.svg.
    ⮕ The Edit Option Identity window opens.
  3. Make your changes and confirm with Checkmark2.svg.Bildschirmfoto_2022-11-28_um_10.08.37.png
    ⮕ The Edit Option window closes.
  4. Enter the price of the option in the field Option Price
  5. Define the taxation of the option in the field Option Tax.mceclip0.png

    If you want to define another tax option, please make sure that the option Use from parent product on the Build to Order product is deactivated under Sales > Sales Items > (choose sales item) > Option tab.

  6. Tap on CloseButton.svg to save your changes.

Edit an Option within an Option Group

  1. If you want to edit an option within an option group, swipe from right to left on the option to open the function menu. Bildschirmfoto_2022-11-28_um_10.15.41.png
  2. Tap on Edit-3.svg to edit the option within the option group.
    ⮕ The Edit Option window opens.
  3. Make your changes such as changing the option price.
  4. Confirm your changes with Checkmark2.svg.Bildschirmfoto_2022-11-28_um_10.16.31.png ⮕ The Edit option window closes.

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