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In enforePOS you can manage your sales items and your inventory. If you purchase sales items in larger bundles, you can add the bundles to the inventory. When you unpack a carton in your store to replenish stock, you do the same in enforePOS.


  • For the individual sales item and for the bundle, you have created one sales item each in enforePOS.
  • You have defined the conversion
  • You have recorded the inventory of the bundle at a storage location
  1. Open in the POS menu Inventory > Inventory List.

    In the Inventory List, you can see that in addition to the number of individual sales items, the number of sales items in bundles is also displayed. In the example, 7 individual bottles of Coca Cola are available. At the same time, there are 5 bundles with 24 bottles of Coca Cola in the stock.

  2. To unbundle, swipe left in the list and tap on UnbundleAction-15.svg.
  3. Enter the number of bundles you want to unbundle. If you work with one storage location, the stock of the single sales item will be increased automatically. If you work with multiple storage locations, you must specify the storage location.
  4. Tap on [Unbundle]. The stocks of the single sales item and the bundle are updated.Screenshot_2022-09-29_at_14.26.58.png

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