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In enforePOS you can manage your sales items and your inventory. If you assemble sales items into bundles and manage them in your inventory, you can do the same in enforePOS. You specify how many individual sales items are in the bundle.

In the example, you create a tasting bundle of 3 ✕ 2 coffee beans package in a coffee shop.Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_15.49.14.png


  • You have created the individual sales items in enforePOS and manage them in one storage location
  • You have created the bundle as a sales item in enforePOS

Define Conversion for the Bundle

In enforePOS, you always define conversions from the bundle.

  1. Open in the POS menu Inventory > Inventory List.
  2. Select the bundle in the list, in the example the tasting pack with 3 ✕ 2 coffee beans packages.

    You can search for the sales item in the inventory list by entering the first letters of the sales item name in the search bar.

  3. Select the Conversions tab. Tap on [+ Add Conversion].Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_15.54.22.png  ⮕ The Conversion window opens.
  4. Tap on the Convert to field.Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_15.55.35.png
  5. In the Convert to field you can search for the sales item by entering the first letters of the sales item name.Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_15.56.23.png
  6. Select the sales item and specify in the Quantity field how many individual sales items should be in the bundle.
  7. To add more sales items, tap on [Add Product... ].Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_15.57.20.png
  8. When you have entered all the sales items that should be added to the bundle, confirm with [Save].Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_15.58.23.png  ⮕ You have defined the conversion. It is displayed in the Conversions tab.Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_15.58.59.png

Create Bundle in the Inventory

Just as you put together bundles in your store to create a bundle of 3 types of wine, 2 bottles each, as in the example, you create bundles in enforePOS so that you can manage them in your inventory.

The inventory of the bundle that you have created as a sales item in enforePOS cannot be 0. Otherwise, you cannot create bundles. To learn how to record the initial stock of sales items, see the How-To Record Initial Stock of Sales Items.

  1. To create the bundle in the inventory, swipe left on the conversion and tap BundleAction-15.svg.Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_16.05.22.png

    There is another way to create the bundle: swipe left on the sales item in the inventory list to find the icon Create Bundle BundleAction-15.svg.

  2. In the Bundle ... window, specify the number of bundles you want to create.
  3. Confirm with [Bundle].Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_16.07.13.png  ⮕ In the menu item Storage Locations, the Stock in Bundles is displayed for the individual sales items, and you can see how many bundles you have in the stock.Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_16.11.36.png

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