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Each staff member is registered with their own staff member profile in enforePOS

In this How-To you will learn how to customize already created staff member profiles to your needs. In these profiles, you can edit contact data, master data, time availability, time tracking in general, as well as cash containers assigned to the staff member. 


  1. To open the staff member overview, tap on My Account > Staff member Name in the POS menu.2.png ⮕ The My Account window opens.
  2. If you haven't started your shift yet, tap on [Start Shift].1.png

My Shift overview

  • You can lock your screen by tapping on Lock.svg.
  • If you want to unsubscribe from your staff member account, you can do so by tapping on Checkout.svg.
  • You can count your cash balance by tapping on [Count cash]. For more information, see the How-To Cash Counting.
  • By tapping [Cash transaction], you can perform any cash transaction. You can find more information on this in the How-To Cash Transaction: Cash withdrawal.
  • Here you also have the option of pausing your shift by tapping [Pause] or ending it by tapping [End shift].3.png
  • Time Tracking Tab

    Here you get the summary of your working day and break times.4.png
  • Sales Report Tab

    Here you get an overview of the turnover assigned to you during the shift. You will see your sales revenue by payment method, as well as the total sales revenue. Furthermore, you will see your other income, as well as discounts granted.5.png
  • Sales Tab

    Here you have an insight about your sales, refunds, vouchers, customer accounts etc.6.png
  • Payment Methods Tab

    Here you will find a current overview of the payment methods, such as incoming or outgoing cash or card payments.7.png
  • Wallet Tab

    Here you can see important information about your cash holdings, including a counting protocol.8.png
  • Transactions Tab

    All your transactions are listed here.9__1_.png

My Profile overview


  • If you want to edit your staff member name, add your birthday or address, tap Edit-15.png.
  • By tapping [+ Add Contact Detail], you can add more details to your customer profile.
  • Here you can also [Change password] or [Change PIN]. For more information, see the How-Tos Change Password and Set Staff Member PIN.

Time Sheets overview

  • Current Time Sheet tab

    Here you get detailed information about your working hours, breaks, as well as the completed shifts.12.png
  • History tab

    Here you can view your past time sheets.Bildschirmfoto_2023-02-07_um_14.26.png

Reports overview

Here you can find all your previous staff member reports for the respective shift. For more information, see the How-To View Staff Members Reports.13.png

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